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I’m not sure where to post this.
Last week I sold my Avalanche on the BST here on YYE. The buyer happily paid through paypal and I put yoyo in the mail. He receives it and leaves positive feedback praising the transaction. Then a day later sends me a note that it is responsive and wants a refund. ?? So now it’s in the mail coming back to me and once I check it out I will be refunding his $$.

Anyone else think this is odd or have anything happen that’s similar? I’m not sure how to take it. In his message to me he says “comes back immediately when you barely tug the string.” He sent me a vid to help illustrate that shows him bouncing the yoyo at the end of the string until it comes back to his hand. Is this considered responsive? Maybe a cleaning but a refund??
I would appreciate any thoughts. Maybe I expect too much.
Thanks, Scott in KC

That is a maintenance issue. I would have instructed him to refer to bearing/cleaning procedure before returning. His loss and someone else’s gain (as long as condition hasn’t been altered).


Sounds like you were dealing with a noob

I don’t think the problem is anywhere near severe enough to warrant a refund. Sounds to me like the bearing needs to be either cleaned or replaced.

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

OP, how old is the person you sent the avalanche to?

It’s like returning a car because you received a flat tire under your operation.


More like retuning a car when you find dust in the dashboard.

In no way should be person receive a refund. This is an extremely basic maintenance issue.

lol that’s pretty much all I have to say, the guy sounds like a 5 year old.

Its his loss as Coffelt said… but anyways, double check the yoyo’s state before refunding him

Thanks everyone.
I offered to refund for ANY reason before we agreed to a deal. So I have no ill will towards the buyer. At the very least he got to hang out with an Avalanche for a weekend. I just wanted to see how others would see it. Sometimes I’m a little short sighted.
Scott in KC

No way would I have offered him a refund for “any reason.” You wouldn’t want people borrowing your yo-yo for the weekend in the future. The basis for the refund request is odd, to say the least. If that yo-yo is not in the same condition as when it left, I would mail it right back to him, and call it a day. If I were you, I would not be happy with this buyer. He gave feedback after he tested it apparently, and it was fine at that time. If it went responsive, he must have altered the yo-yo after issuing that feedback. Please reconsider your refund policy in the future. Too many things could go wrong with that, and I’d hate to see that happen.

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I don’t know why you would offer a refund? That’s weird. But you should clean the bearing and send it back… That would be amusing

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“What did I tell you about using mommys paypal?”

*Soaks bearing in bacon grease

“Look man dis yoyo is super repnziv idk what i can do refund me plz”


This made my day :smiley:

did me a grave I just died…

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Yeah probably the proudest moment this week, i thought that was pretty funny ;D

Dude that was hilarious xD

What doesn’t make sense is that the responsiveness isn’t an issue with the yoyo. If a “problem” even exists, it’s the bearing. It’s not as if some Avalanches have smaller gaps or somehow different response pads. They’re the same.

So, at best, if I thought there was an issue I’d hit him with a 5 or a 10 spot and tell him to grab another bearing. At best. Refund? Nope. Not a defect.

I have to add another two cents here. I checked the OP’s feedback, so that I could see who this user is, who requested such a refund. As I suspected, it is someone with no feedback (besides the one the OP gave him).

You two exchanged feedback, so the deal was closed prior to him requesting a refund. When that Avalanche gets to you, please mail it back, and don’t get involved any further. You offered him a refund for any reason, but not after feedback has been exchanged, and he expressed satisfaction, which means the issues with the deal are now closed.

I would not accept the package, and tell USPS to return to sender. Don’t accept the package, and don’t open the box. Contact your local post office and let them know to intercept it, and return it before it even gets delivered to you.

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