BST of the forever award goes to...

(Owen) #1

Shai Hulud!

I mean HOLY CRAP his BST is the epitome of good BST’s! Grand work Shai.,76282.msg858123/topicseen.html#new

I tip my hat to you. Or I would if I was wearing a hat.


I stopped reading when I read " I’m not willing to sell unless highly in my favor."


This is beautiful.


I should see if my dog is collectible also. I could make my BST almost as good :stuck_out_tongue:


Good layout, but no asking prices.

Also I don’t really like Asian yoyo brands that much

(DOGS) #6

Suffers from the “I don’t want to get rid of this! Offer too high!” syndrome.


BST of the forever award? Not a chance.

high quality pics and descriptions are great, and laid out nicely, but he doesn’t have prices on most of his stuff. The Best BSTs all have prices for everything. Even if I consider someones prices to high, at least I have a starting point to decide if the sale is worth pursuing and negotiating over or not without having to pm the person first.

The cat for sale is a nice touch though.



Which ones have you tried? ???


I’d nominate Links legonnaire. Good pics, honest description, always has a price. And I’ve never even bought anything from him.


no pricing = no chance of me buying… if you want to sell something, SELL IT. Figure out what it’s worth to you, ask that price… if its’ too high, nobody will buy it, no big deal… if it isn’t, somebody will, you win.



Link’s bst listing needs to be stickied as an example of how to do it properly.