BST! For a good Cause.Please Read!

So this is a little different.A situation has been brought to my attention and i would like to help. My sister had a chance over the summer to bring a child over from a orphanage outside the USA into her home and share the life that a child should have anyways. The child could only stay for a few weeks and had to return back to the institution and from what i understand he has little time left before they put him out with basically nothing. He was here only a few weeks and i had a chance to meet the young man and he seems to be a very deserving child that should have as good a life as anyone. The situation is this, My sister and her family has grown to love this child as a member of their family and we all fear that when he gets put out on the streets this young man could be lost. Now since adoption is not a choice with him due to laws and other things the only chance he has is to get a student visa which my sister and many people are working on.This is a very time consuming and very costly thing to do but This would allow him to return to my sisters home and enjoy a good life.The following web address will tell the story a little better and may help you understand so if you have time please read.

So here is my plan to help.Since one thing she needs is funds, i have two throws id like to put on this bst and ask my fellow throwers to not purchase but donate the most you can for these throws. Any Funds that is raised from these two throws will be sent to my sister to help bring this Child home.I will ship them to you priority with tracking just as i would with any i have done before.Here are the fund raiser throws,

Clyw Bear vs Man, Silver red/brown Splash,It is mint but does not have a box
Clyw Sasquatch, Alex B,Green With speckles,Also mint without box

Here is a few Pictures

I would like to raise at least 80$ a piece and I would like to do both as a set to raise the funds quick as possible but i can do them one at a time if need be. There isn’t a lot of time to raise donations so please offer. First to send me a decent offer gets them.
This is very real and i would love to help and give something back from our community.Pm me your offers and the top offer will get the throw or throws.

Thanks for reading

Bump for a good cause…I’m not sure if you’re one of those people who hate post on the thread…if so pm me and I can delete.

Buuump It!!

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Bump because i would buy em both atleast at the price he wants for em if i had the cash