Brusing problems...

So i have a werrd tre , its my main throw now. I love my tre to death, as you know it has a really v shaped profile, theres one problem with that, thats really aggravating me. Whenever bind and it comes back and hits my hand, not too hard but pretty hard so i ignore it but after practicing for more than 2 hours my hand start to bruise and it really hurts after awhile and am forced to stop. I know you guys aren’t doctors so i don’t expect you to fix the bruising but how can i decrease it , do i try to catch differently or change my response to be less snappy i don’t know thanks in advance

Do longer combos, so the yoyo spins slower.


yea i try to do that as often as possible but you know when your innovating a trick and your starting it out your gonna bind a lot , but i do try to do that

You could do grinds to slow the spin down quickly

very true…

Try a glove. It won’t due much, but it might help a little.

does it give protection? And arent you supposed to wear it on you NTH not your TH ?

That depends on the globe, things like " new feeling nylon gloves" cover all of both hands. They’re tin, though.

Your hands are going through a phase. Don’t worry they’ll toughen up in no time. I am going through the same thing with my weight training class. Some of the lifts/workouts that require a bar, rub against the palms of my hands giving me blisters. Then the weekend showed up and I didn’t have that class for two days. On Monday the blisters were gone. Now that it is the beginning of the week the blisters are starting to come back.

It is all about building a callus. You are doing the right thing, taking breaks when your hands hurt. It may slow down your innovation but the callus will build and soon you won’t need the breaks anymore. Another thing would be to , I know this sounds weird, ICE, ICE, ICE. Ice is the single most important rhing when it comes to this kind of stuff. Inbetween your throwing sessions use ice. Ice will help dull the pain andmake the xonstant breaks shorter.

Hope I was able to help :slight_smile:

thanks so much! After this my hands will be completely callused, i have string callus, drum stick callus , guitar string callus lol thanks again so much!

Just don’t throw as hard; if you’re trying new things and still have too much spin time at the end those combos, throwing less hard will most likely still give you as much spin time as you need.

Your hands will adjust eventually. We’ve all been through it, and while it’s not fun, it’ll pass soon enough.

Gloves will help a little, but not much. They don’t do much to stop blunt damage. If you’re going to pick up some gloves, though, get “New feeling nylon gloves”. You’ll have to get them from over seas, but they really are a step above any other gloves that you’re going to get.

In the mean time, work on not throwing as hard. Part of maturing as a player is realizing how much spin time to give the yoyo depending on what trick you’re doing. Plus, as your throw becomes better, you’ll be able to get the yoyo to spin longer, even with a softer throw.

Get used to it.

Don’t throw as hard or don’t bind while the yoyo is obviously still spinning very fast. I sincerely doubt the palm of your hand will ever callus from yoyoing. The only yoyo related callus I have is on my middle finger from the string. I could imagine some people who play a ton developing a callus on other fingers from hours and hours of trapezes and such but that’s about it.

What I’ve found to help is if you bind and it comes back fast, just before the yoyo hits your hand pull your hand backwards swiftly and then keep that momentum going once the yoyo hits.

Imagine someone throwing a baseball at you and you had to catch it one-handed. you wouldn’t lock your arm out and catch it with your hand dead still, you’d move your hand backward when in hit to absorb some of the momentum/impact.

I found it to work suprisingly well.

hmm ill get to trying that

as much as id like too its kinda impossible, your getting a consistent bruise on your palm from playing, its a bit hard when your hand aches , if i could i would

thanks so much i appreciate it coming from you ill definitely try to pay attention to spin time per trick i actually never thought of it that way and ive been throwing for a bit now , thanks again

yea i know what you mean i have a lot of callusing from yoyo too i guess when you think about it, its hard to callus that part of the hand