Broken motu cap PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so I was doing some 5a and the CW hit the yoyo which broke the cap so PLEASE HELP!!!

pictures at:

Wow… The title is mislead… Your RIM broke off… This doesn’t count as wear and tear… You can try Emailing YoYoJam Tech support, but this is caused by rough play and not normal safer play… This is somthing you just have to come to terms with when playing 5A…

Yeah that’s the rim, not the cap. You’re out of luck. Sorry.

DAng you must have been doing some really rough 5a sorry about the yo though try getting a another and not being so rough with it.

sorry you are out of luck unless you superglue or hot glue gun it and manage to not get vibes… which is like… yah…

ok so its the rim, thanks for the help anyways :-[

what the heck kinda cw were you using that would break the rim off lol

I think he was doing 3A XDDDDD

butterfly, 5a cw hit the yoyo

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but you could sell it to somebody for a little bit of money and they can use the rings to mod another yoyo.

OKOKOKOKOKOK. Now I see what you mean. Pretty hardcore butterfly lol.