Yoyojam dark magic 2 troubles.

My dm has been having some troubles lately. I have hahah it for about a week or so and it’s been great. So far I have learned up to advanced part 2 on it but tonight I was playing and the metal on the side partially fell off. I popped it back on but didn’t really think anything of it. A few throws later it happened again. I have stopped playing it to prevent further damage. What should I do? Any suggestions? Email Yoyojam? Only problem is I took my caps off and lost them so I dont know if they would take it back for a replacement. Thanks in advance for the help!
Yoyo shark.

Definitely e-mail YoYoJam. They’ll take care of you.

Ok will do! Thanks for the advice.

For pretty quick reply, if you ordered it off of yoyoexpert, Send a pm to yoyoexpert here on the forums. They reply quickly and are always understanding!

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You don’t want this happening :wink:

it’s on it’s way to that happening haha. Sad. I don’t thing I have dropped it yet even. I will pm them and see what they can do

You could apply a small amount of superglue and pop them back on.