Dark Magic EMERGENCY!!

I JUST bought a Dark Magic a couple weeks ago. It just broke. it looks like on one site the circular plastic area where the axle screws into broke all the way around. Now the axle there spins and that side of the yoyo doesn’t. its a circular crack all the way around the part where the axle screws in and it completely separated from that side of the yoyo. I do not know if it is the side the axle is fixed in or if its the side it screws in…


am i sunk? is there no hope? if i get it out, can super glue hold it?


Posting a picture would help.

I think you’re screwed.

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Call them and ask if you could ship it too them and they repair it.

have you happen to overtightened them in any way?

wow. yeah your really screwed but you may be overestimating the situation, post pics and we’ll see but from the description your really screwed and that sucks