Major Dark Magic PROBLEM

I was yoyoing and the string broke, my dark magic smashed on the hard floor and the axle is split in half. One have of the yoyo is in one side and the other one is in the other. I cant take the axle off.
Any ideas how to fix this. Also where to buy a Dark Magic size Axle?
Ill post Pics LAter.

You can buy them on this site… I think. If not, then YYJ has it. You need to wrap the axles in some kind of cloth, and then use a plier to squeeze and twist. Or hook the axle into a drill, and then spin the axle using the drill until it comes out…

Cant use pliers it wont grab the axle way to deep

Then your DM is dead. Sorry.

talk to who ever you bought it from and ask if theres anything you can do.

I bought it here from yoyoexpert

drill it out then re tap it

since you bought it from yye talk to andre and hes very nice if you send it back to him he might replace it for you.

yah i send him a pm.
i will try to drill it but i dont know what to do.
maybe just buy the new Dark Magic V2
still the dark magic i bought was the Royal dark magic i think its going to be a waste if i just wont use it anymore. i like that yoyo. its my first online yoyo.

Don’t drill it if you are planing on contacting Andre. Drilling it will void any warranty that it might have.

Besides you really need a super sharp bit that can drill through a grade 8 setscrew. That isn’t a normal bit. Also you will have to have it “PERFECTLY CENTER”. Unless you have a lathe I wouldn’t try it. Also that bit has to be so small you’ll probably break it. They are brittle. Then you have to have the right tap to rethread it. Are you ready for a mod/repair that is that in depth? I have a lathe and I won’t even do them.


Wait… so is it broken so the axle is flush with the surface??? Then at least you can get one side out… and then… you’ll be a bit closer to getting it fixed. And what’s a royal dark magic?

special edition color.
it has gold rims

I just send my yoyo to andre.

Good deal, I’m sure he will do what he can for you.