broken bearing

i just got my yoyo a few weeks ago (the sage from yoyofactory) off of yoyo tricks. this morning i was just warming up and i heard a rattling sound. i opened it up and saw that the bearing was completely destroyed. is this a common thing or did i get a defective bearing?

Destroyed? What’s that supposed to mean? If you mean broken to pieces, that’s a new one

the metal cover fell off and all the little balls inside fell out. ive only had to for about 2 weeks as well.

What in the world? That is a new one to me… maybe some more experienced players…

Bearings don’t just fall apart in the yoyo. You had to do something to cause it. Your best bet is to contact the place you bought it from to see what they say.

i wasnt doing anything out of the ordinary. i was just practicing barrel rolls and then it craped out on me

Contact the store you bought it from. It was their store exclusive.

I had that happen to one of my bearings once it was awhile ago now. but yeds you definatly got a defective bearing. Contact the store like Jhb says or you can just buy another bearing for it.

Get a new yoyo. I started with the sage and was not very pleased with it’s performance. Hard to learn tricks on a yoyo that only sleeps for 30 seconds.

Maybe it’s a sign to go unresponsive?

My sage is still fully functioning, I take it to work for other people to mess with while I use my new Benchmark, which is much much nicer.