Broken Axle removal.

Hello fellow modifiers, I have an interesting case to present to you today.

My friend, who I have been trying to get into Yo-Yo-ing, finally considered the possibility. The main thing was, he disliked 1A, 2A, 3A, and 5A, but he fell in love with 4A when I showed him.

My 4A Yo-Yo that I no longer use is the Yomega Xodus 2. So I thought I would donate it to him.

So, that day, I went rummaging through my drawers and found it BUT when I tried to unscrew the Yo-Yo, I found that it wouldn’t.

To describe that the Yo-Yo wouldn’t unscrew, that doesn’t mean it was stuck, but it keeps spinning in circles.

So, how do I remove the broken Axle.

And YES, I have to unscrew it because I put multiple raps around the axle to use as a looping Yo-yo.

The one with a broken Xodus 2-

More than likely the axle isn’t damaged, but the plastic of the hub around the bolt and is cracked. If thats the case, then your best bet is to scrap it.

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Yup, sounds like a typical Yomega Plastic, unfortunately nothing much can be done. This is one who’s gone through so many Brain yo-yos, Fireballs, and more Brains back in the day. Sadly, one of my favorites, the Saberwing Fireball from back in the day just cracked its hub as well and just keeps ‘spinning’ without unscrewing.