Brightest looking string!!!

Hi, so I’m looking for the Brightest neonest string yanno? Like when you’re purchasing some neon string ask yourself: what are you looking for?
any recommendations?

Toxic bg1 yellow jackets are the highest via strings I’ve seen. Used to be my favorite but now I love cloud strings for all my throws.

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If I remember right, yellow blueprints are very bright.

Personally, not a massive fan of the cloud string. I have a hard time doing my slack binds with it… It feels really cool though.

I use yellow kitty nylon 1.5 and they aren’t very bright but they work very well for what I need.

Yellow blueprints aren’t very bright at all really. Poly kitty is brighter.

YYSL are the brightest strings I’ve played with, and I’ve played a good amount.

I agree with andy569, YYSL is very bright. I prefer Type X, but they have a range of strings that will likely have one that fits your preferences.

I guess I was comparing that to nylon 1.5 so it doesn’t take much :stuck_out_tongue:

Kitty Fat Neon Yellow is really bright