Anyone know what type of string this is?

This color comes out beautifully on camera and it’s super bright! I was just wondering if anyone knows what type of string this is or of a brand that sells this exact color/brightness. Thanks!!

Bump…I’m not necessarily looking for the exact brand, but the exact color, as I have never seen such a bright string before and I would love brighter string when doing videos. Thanks

Looks like standard yellow or green poly to me. if you watch almost everything with color in that video is very bright. I would bet that the camera was set on a setting to make that string very vibrant, or possibly in the editing.
I could totally be wrong I don’t know that kid or anything just my guess.

Probably filming with a portable blacklight just out of camera range.

Possibly, but I think I found out what kind he is using…or at least the exact color. They look like these Toxic Snakes

Its probably kitty string. Clyw uses kitty string. I’m assuming its normal or fat string with the saturation bumped up.

Not to blatantly plug anything, but YoYoStringLab’s Yellow Type X is the brightest and most consistent string I’ve ever come across. It shows us brilliantly on camera. Check out any of Kyle Derry’s videos post mid 2012.

To clarify, I’m in no way affiliated with YYSL, but I am a huge fan of Matt’s string and have played it exclusively since the day he first set out tester packs. I’m in the process of writing up a massive review that details it’s lifespan and play characteristics over a period greater than one year and, after having the chance to do some focused reflection, believe it to be the most consistently excellent string on the market.

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