(brett grimes) Ibanezcollector Retires From YoYo: The Final Video

you will be missed  :frowning:


Sad he’s retiring. From the video, I can tell he’s kinda put himself comepletey into it. Probably wore himself out. I know, I’ve done the same thing for stuff.

He’ll be back… once all of it boils over.

They always come crawling back

Dude got burnt out …

Hell still carry a yoyo… And be watching.

It’s interesting to me how people quit… I might be looking too far into this…

It seems like people who quit completely, like “Cold Turkey”, as in; selling all their throws and whatever last ditch efforts to keep them from ever doing it again… They’re usually pretty upset for some reason or other at the community or discouraged by something. Too much drama involved, almost too many excuses given. Sometimes even seems out of spite

Then you got the people who know they’re actually “quitting” because they already stopped throwing and haven’t thrown in a while. They quit without even realizing it, so they decide “Hey I should sell some of these yoyo’s since I don’t use them anymore” but they usually always keep one or two or a few favorites, put them in the closet – resume their normal life and maybe take out the yoyo once in a while, every couple years… (maybe never)… But you can tell they are quitting in good spirits. Heck, happened to me and I came back harder than ever. I didn’t leave with any bad taste in my mouth so I was able to pick up an old throw come back like nothing ever happened.

I feel bad for people that quit like the former. Feels like lost potential or something; leaves me with a bitter “You quit on us!?” type feeling; like… “okay you don’t wanna be around us? We all deal with bullcrap everyday but we still deal with eachother, cuz at the end of the day we all love to throw. So just leave if you can’t hang!” As opposed to the “Oh you’re busy with life? Taking an indefinite break? I tip my hat to you good sir and I shall see you around the bend”. Wish it could have been that way.

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Maybe something to do with the G^2 situation… I won’t speculate though.

I’m pretty new to the community, which is weird since I’m 23 years old. I suspect that many on this, and other forums are very young. Due to my age, but mostly my life experiences I feel that I understand what may be affecting Brett the most. I could be completely wrong, but I have a feeling. Anyway I hope he finds what he’s looking for. Also, I hope that BG1 Yellow Jackets aren’t going anywhere. Those strings are awesome.

Oh man, I totally commend him for totally baring all so publicly. I can’t count how many times I’ve been on HSYY to check out tutorials, and totally love the super-slow-mo breakdown. I could kind of sense something was wrong with Gsquared not by what was said, but by what was NOT said. I hope Brett really does rekindle his love for yoyo’s! :slight_smile:

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He spent a fair amount of time in that video explaining he isn’t quiting yoyoing, just not making videos/yoyos/tutorials/forum posts ect.

From my understanding, he’s still going to throw, he just wants to get out of the community spotlight.

…Is he still part of G^2 though? It wouldn’t really be much of a “square” without him.

EDIT Sorry, guys. Didn’t finish watching the video before I posted… :-\

He said he was selling his last two yoyo’s and “Retiring from Yoyo’s”. I thought he was alluding to him yoyo’ing away from all the community, like you say, but why would he sell his last two yoyo’s?

I don’t think those were his last two yoyos, just the last two that he was planning on selling. He’s still going to be yoyoing, just not on camera.

Also, he isn’t going to be involved in the forums or updated his facebook with yoyo related things.
(Thats what I got from the video)

He will definitely be missed. He was kinda the one i looked up to in the yoyo world. He was involved and helped a lot of people. He was a great painter and people often came to him for advice. I hope he is happy.

I hope you’re right… I just got from his FB that his back hurt too much to throw… so idk…Either way there’s no reason to let it be so up in the air and all mysterious like. You don’t need to say you’re hanging up your hat and selling your last two yoyo’s when you’re going to secretly do it away from all of us. Like, that’s just bad character. (Lol me saying bad character is like hypocrisy). If someone were to make it clear they were completely done, only to yoyo in the underground, that’s just juicing it for sympathy IMO. If you’re going to maybe yoyo but away from the community and leisurely, just address it like that. No need to make it like a freaking cryptography puzzle.

At this point in time, my opinion is he’s 100% done. If he isn’t, then that video was way too ridiculous.

Here’s to hoping everything looks up for him and he enjoys to throw again some day.


Ehh this guy has been putting up a video like this just rambling on about his week for a long time. Seems logical that his last one would set things strait for who ever watch’s his video uploads, a lot was changing and he basically was explaining to everyone to leave him alone because he is done with all yoyo related projects.
Had he been not so super involved in the community I am sure he would have done just what you said. Being who he was/is just dropping off the face of the planet would bring about some interest/rumors that he just flat out canceled, with the video. :slight_smile:

Dang that sucka but ultimately I just hope he can get his life on track and be happy. We all got plenty of useful stuff from Brett between the tutorials, vlogs and the amazing paint jobs he use to do. I didn’t know he wasn’t with G2 anymore which kinda sucks but hopefully he can get back tl where he once was. Brett G. Your a impression to us all and personal you have helped me out so much with the high speed videos. Plus your a lefty which are the best kinds of throwers out there lol. Take care

Nothing personal against Brett, but I don’t understand how one “quits” yoyo. I understand distancing from the community or mitigating ties with manufacturers etc. but quit altogether?? I have been playing yoyo most of my life (38 yrs) I have a true passion for it. Sure there are times when I throw a lot less however I cant see putting it down forever. Some people talk about quitting as though it were cigarettes, fatty foods, or alcohol. I love to yoyo and I will enjoy this hobby forever. I wish. Brett the best but I don’t completely understand

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Saw this the other day… I can partly understand. Here is a guy who puts himself out there, does many great things for our community. Gets slammed by the nitpickers… Gets involved with a company with a buddy, things are going sour in his life, finances etc. And it builds up, makes a decision to leave company… Ties to find solace in his old sponsor, more ill-feelings from the community, etc. For him the fun of throwing left and he lost touch with what was fun about it for him. I think he’s right to step out of the light and rekindle that passion. He will be missed… :frowning:

I sort of wish he wouldn’t sell that camera of his. I know he will need it one day.

If you watched it he clearly said he is stepping back from helping the community because he wants to yoyo for his own enjoyment like how he started. I still don’t believe this is happening though Brett’s videos were the first ones I ever watched he inspired me to get better…