ibanezcollector is BACK!


I used to watch this guy’s videos all of the time. But then he stopped for a while and made some guitar videos I had no interest in. But, as of today (Like 20 minutes ago!) he has uploaded his first yo-yo video in a while! Enjoy!


I just watched it. I really enjoyed it, he has some really neat shots in there.


the big guy is back!


Pun intended


Cool video. I am glad to see he is back. He was a true advocate and promoter of this hobby. I hope to see more from him.


Brett’s videos are one of the things that got me into high-end yoyos.

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where is the pun? i ment it literally…


Brett’s videos are one of the reasons why I decided to stick with this. I mean, I was unsure for a bit, but early on I discovered his high speed videos and that pretty much re-affirmed that “these are for kids of all ages”.

Actually, I rather enjoy some of his guitar videos too. We have to remember, Brett’s a person. He’s got interests in other stuff.


I like Brett ;D
Hes back? I dont think he left :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wat??! Brett’s a person???

I never would have guessed :wink:


He didn’t leave yoyoing, hes one of the owners of G2 yoyos. I also loved his highspeed videos, they taught me brent stole among other tricks that would have been impossible without them.


I actually enjoy watching his guitar videos too. I always watch them when he uploads. He’s a pretty good player.


I know I’ll probably get hate for saying this but I really dont like Brett because he ALWAYS asks for sponsorships or people give them to him then he gets free stuff then quits. & that really bugs me. Idk, I just dont like the guy tbh. Let the hate come…

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I have to agree.


I’ve never heard that. Is there any proof? Not trying to hate, I’m genuinely wondering if this is true. I’ve only seen him sponsored by G2. Which he owns in partnership.

Also noticed he’s never made a video with a CLYW. Others at high speed have but not Brett.


The only reason I’m slingin’ hate at you is because you stuck those acronyms in an otherwise well-written comment. Just kind of bugs me, not sure why I felt the need to point it out. Did it really save you that much time. But anyway, I kind of agree with your point.

I like Brett’s high speed videos, though I’m not a fan of the G2 that I’ve tried.


Yaaay, he’s back


If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Simple.

As far as “gets and quits”, I can’t say anything as far as his life. I know in my life, I often have to make DEEP commitments, and then forces around me conspire to screw me over time and time again.

For example:
I am committed to doing light design for a show. The barber college decides “hey, now time to have a crisis” and is now screwing me over. I’ve laid it down this time stating “Your problems are NOT my problems”. I won’t lay into how I’m not respected and de-valued, but when you dump over a $1 million into something and see ZERO returns and never an attempt to pay back as much a center, you kinda get sick of that kind crap fast.

Whatever Brett’s personal situation, leave it out of the equation.


I don’t see why it’s different from any other player being sponsored. It’s not as if he’s doing reviews, which would create a conflict of interest.

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