Brent Stole

I am having very much trouble getting this trick to work, i let the string go around my finger and move my throw hand forwards and it never catches

Try watching a video of someone doing it in slow motion. Really shows how your arm should move and what not. You can do it David!

just found a newborn talent… Ninja Vanish.

You suck so much! Lol

ill noob all over your face

I find if once you pop it up, when you whip, give it a lil towards your body. Helps the string to come all the way around into the catch zone.

Necro, look at date before posting. Thanks! :slight_smile:

When others search for Brent stole there isn’t 20 threads to weed thru xore. Seems better to “necro” an old thread than to keep creating new ones all the time. “thanks!”