brent stole to backwards triangle help!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for awhile now and I just can’t. I hit it accidentally all the time! I’m trying to do a regular brent stole but I end up in a triangle but with a twist. I have to cross my arms and then its a triangle without the twist. How do you do this on purpose!

can you give a video example?

I too would like to know, and I think he is refering to a reverse Brent stole. I always seem to wind up in them by accident.

I may be able to aid in this if I know what trick he’s talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

A reverse Brent Stole!

Brent Stoles are supposed to be triangles with a twist…

No, the whole triangle is turned arouynd.

I just hit one accidentally and got the end on film. I’m going to edit real quick, upload to YouTube an post it.

Here’s what I just got. The first triangle has a twist around the bearing basically. Then I hit a regular Brent stole afterwards.

I’m sorry but thats not much for me to go off of :-\

This is the top down view of the yoyo. I go for a Brent stole and end up like this.


It’s hard to explain.

Ok. I know how to do a brent stole, but I thought it was called a twist in the triangle…

At the end of the first video, when you’re getting into the brent stole, is that the same motion you’ve been using to get into the “twisty” variation?

That was just me seeing if I could hit it again, but I just hit a regular Brent stole.

When you do Hidemasa Hook, there are two segments of string in the hook. The segment further away from you swings around and catches the yoyo. However, if you catch the yoyo with the segment of the hook that is closer to you, you will end up in a mutated hook that rolls out into a trapeze instead of an undermount.

It is possible to do the same thing with Brent stole, and the result will be that you are in a reverse GT instead of a normal GT. That is most likely what you are doing.

With hook, you hit both segments of the hook on your non-throwhand so the hook holds its U-form as it swings around to catch the yoyo. With Brent stole, you only hit the segment closer to you, and the second segment swings around the string instead of your non-throwhand, and then catches the yoyo to form a triangle. The reverse GT would be catching the yoyo with the segment that swings around your non-throwhand finger instead of the one that swings around the string. If you can aim which string catches the yoyo, you might be able to get it down to doing either one on command, though I’ve never been able to do it reliably.

I think this is more difficult to do with Brent stole than hook, because hook preserves the U-shape of the slack much better. It does make it slightly easier to aim for the wrong segment if you hit both segments of the hook on your non-throwhand finger when you do Brent stole so it holds that U better (it is still possible to do Brent stole this way as long as you still pass the string under the slack and over the yoyo when the slack swings around).

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Why do you even care? If this happens every once in awhile then it won’t affect anything. If you don’t want it to happen then practice more!

I want to know because I want it to happen. If I don’t know how to do it, yet I’m “practicing” it. Then I’m not actually practicing it, I’m trying to figure it out. Which is what I am doing here, trying to see if somebody else knows how so they can share the knowledge.

Then my best advice would be to just study where the string is very closely when it lands in this backwards gt.
p.s you don’t have to take the string off your finger.