Breakaway/Double or Nothing tips

Whenever I throw a Breakaway for Double or Nothing my throw ends up with a lot of wobble to it. Does anyone have any tips on how to reduce wobble/vibrations when throwing a Breakaway? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

have a good flick of the wrist, make the throw solid, I throw break aways with the yoyo inbetween my thumb and my pointer finger.

Can you throw a break away to a trapeze fine?

For this case, observe how your yoyo leaves your hand. If you’re not doing so already, relax your hand. Overgriping your hand will result in your fingers getting in the way. Also, note the position your yoyo is in your hand before you throw it.

Oh, if I remember correctly, it could because you are letting go too late. Throw the breakaway as if you are throwing the yoyo about 30 degrees up from your shoulder. (Start by a slowmotion breakdown of your throw. The end result should be your arm is at a 30 degree angle from a line parallel to the floor that passes through your shoulder.

I hope you get that… >_>
Feel free to pm me if you have a specific question! :slight_smile:


Lot’s of practice. To turn the hand to do the proper Break away took me time just cause I’m not very stretchy, and my throws were wobbly early on. So practice my good chum.

When you throw, don’t just let go. If you swing your arm down, there’s no control over the yoyo and it would vibe. This would happen even if too late.

Make sure the yoyo isn’t tilted in your hand. And when you throw it, throw straight to the side. When I threw breakaway in the first place, I always threw it kinda horizontal style and cause me to let go too soon.

You just gave me no reason to post here.

What does that mean?

when you try for 2or0, do it slowly when you start

Don’t worry too much about the wobble right now, if you can land a trapeze, just continue on. Your breakaway will get a lot cleaner with practice, and it will become wobble free unconsciously if you do enough with it. Unless it’s really messing up your tricks, just keep using it and it will get better.

You said everything I would have said.