Breakaway bind

I have been wondering what a good way to bind from a breakaway throw is. Ideas?

Can’t go wrong with good ol’ “Backspin Bind”, which is the standard breakaway bind. My other “default” binds in ascending order of difficulty are:

  • Sky Bind
  • Modified Backspin Bind
  • Suicide Bind
  • Guy Wright Bind

(these last two are almost the same. If you can do Guy Wright bind, you can do Suicide Bind)

I always found the suicide bind to be easier than the sky bind. Another favourite of mine if you’re after something a bit fancier is to bind from a sideways plastic whip.


Sky bind is dead simple! The only thing that’s difficult about it is learning how to finesse it so that you don’t get string burn. Got an AWFUL string burn when I first learned it!

Same. Actually I think sky binds are hardest out of what you listed greg! Haha

My theory: we must be talking about completely different binds from one another. It’s the only way a suicide bind is easier than a sky bind!

Suicide binds are easy :smiley:

Sky bind… you pop the yoyo up my sliding yours fingers across the string, the yoyo flings up catches the string and binds. Yoyo shoots to the skyand binds :smiley:

Or, another way of putting it:

Sky bind-- all you need to do is slide your finger towards the yoyo! It pops up as you do this, hits the strings, goes up into the sky, and then binds down to your hand! All from one simple motion. :smiley:

Suicide bind-- you start with a backspin bind… at the right time, you toss the whole thing, loop and all, off to the throwhand side! What the what? You do WHAT? But, you save it from being just a big fat “nothing” by quickly underpassing with your throwhand such that you hit the loose loop. Combined with the yoyo moving downward from gravity, this underpass sends the loop into the gap for a bind! But you gotta catch it quick, cause there ain’t a tonne of string length left. And, the length leading to your hand is now on the wrong side of your hand, so you gotta make sure you quickly correct that as the yoyo is coming back to your hand.


Did i say the sky bind wasmore comolicated? Doesnt make it easiee :wink:

Reverse brent stole is simple in theory. Does it make it easy? Uhh, no ::slight_smile:

Easy, now. I was just joking around because you made Sky bind sound like it had a lot of moves. It only has one! Slide your finger. :wink: I do find it very easy. The first time I ever tried it, it worked and I was like, “that’s it? Hooray!” However, on a subsequent attempt (maybe the next try, maybe it took a few more) I burnt my finger but good!

So from that perspective it’s tricky. I do it with the palm side of my hand now, and I use multiple fingers. I also subconsciously give a little bit of a hop before I start the finger-slide… it’s all very seamless, but it makes it so that you’re not sliding towards dead weight.

However, I do understand that we all have tricks that are easy for us and difficult for others; just as we have tricks that are difficult for us and others seem to get with no effort. I got Boing-e-boing very early on, but only last week did I get Boomerang, even though the principles are similar! I just couldn’t do it. My body felt like it was rebelling against that trick…

In any event, it’s implied at least that the order of difficulty is my own. We all know that everything’s relative and subjective in yoyo. And my list is in the order of difficulty for me. :wink:

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