brazillian mondo string???

how does it play?does it require a lot of break in time?how long does A string last?how well can it hold a loop(slacks,suicides,whips,etc.).answer all of these questions and you could win something.thx.yo-bear.

They play great.
No, not much of breaking in.
Depends on how hard and how long you play, but they will last a good time.
They hold loops great, especially whan new.
Try them and see for yourself.
In 1 pack some strings are short some are long, SOME are kinda’ bouncy.

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They are a bit too thin for my taste.

They don’t last the longest.
Nice tension
Too light, so not great whips.
Uber-Awesome Suicides, that loop expands lol
It breaks in in the first minute of play XD
Holds a loop like any other string.

1 Like both win a thank you.i’ll do it right did you expect.a million dollars. ;D.sorry,had to play the joke at least once. :wink:

I wasn’t expecting anything really.

Lol, I WIN!!! YEAH!

And the floatiness kind of differs from string to string. It almost feels like one throw, your chucking a rock, then another, your throwing an 888.

Yeah, the first one I’ve used made the yoyo really floaty, nowthe secoond string was a winner for me, makes you feel that there’s a small stone.