brave and shutter

Did anyone else notice that the yoyofficer brave and yoyofactory shutter are both very similar?? I have no idea if this was a coincidence or one brand copied the other or whatever. With alot of yoyos on the market I realize if a company may have un-intentionally made a similar model. Tell me if you guys think this is more than a coincidence.

The Brave came out over a year before the shutter. Maybe even two years.

There are only a few variations on yoyo design. Inevitably one is going to look like another.

That just makes me want a brave more. The shutter is one of my favorite throws, it would be interesting for a different cup design.

You’ve got it. The brave and shutter are both shaped like yoyos.


Chief + Shutter = BRAVE

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Keep in mind just because 2 yoyos looks the same doesnt mean they play the same as well.

For me the Brave looked like a Chief and a Shutter combined lately with an inside cup that looks about as big as a SHU-TA’s

Also the Brave came out maybe about 1 to 1+1/2 years before the Shutter

I really need to get some Braves. or more YOYOFFICER throws in general. *sigh

i picked up a shutter during the gentry sale, but since then ive discovered all the yoyofficer jawns and im having a fair amount of buyers remorse… they all look pretty g.

There are only a limited amount of shapes so some yoyos are gonna look the same inevitably

The Brave was a fairly unique design. There aren’t really any yoyos out there that are similar to it. The Shutter looks way too close to be just a coincidence. Sure, similar designs are seen all the time, but usually because they follow more standard design such as wing or H shape.

This is a necro, but now that I own both and played both, I can tell you that the Shutter does not play like a Brave. Shutter is definitely more solid, while Brave is more fast and floaty in comparison. Having said that, despite any similarities in shape, they are two very different playing yo-yos.