brands gone out..

if all the yoyo brands exept yomega and duncan where out of biusness :’(. what yoyo brand would u buy from :-\ and which yoyo.

Probably a Metal Zero.

Freehand Zero, and mod it.

FHZ’s rule



no one wants yomega ooch yo? jayyo said it was relley good :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, Yomegas aren’t respected by modern yoyoers due to their quality and lack of awesomeness. Raiders and others are good for loooping, and they have a couple of decent 1a yoyos, but the fhz beats them all easily.

metal zero 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it even from yomega?

What mods would you do for an FHZ?

too much to list,lol.

if i didnt have to pay… free hand mg :slight_smile:

I’d go with a Free hand zero Mg

yomega didnt even make the ooch-yo they just sold it

exacly what I meant here:

Its not actually.

The ooch is being distributed by Yomega in partnership with a new yoyo company called Rod-e-yo.

If I was limeted to one of those companies.

I would probably stick with some yomega raiders, and a hotshot.

Raiders for my 2A, nothing works better for me, and the hotshot for both 1A and 5A.
Such a wonderful 5A yoyo, so smooth on the strings.

But I do like fhz’s quite a bit as well.



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kind of off topic but what is and ooch-yo?
can someone post pics?