Brand new forum

Not sure if this is legal,
But our very own Micheal Montgomery has started a forum :
Come and show some support!

Actually I think this is legal. The soon to be BaseBoost will probably be exclusive to Mike’s site. I’m not sure about the whole forum posting thing though. Good job spreading the word though Quint. I would have let Mike do it though, so he can release it when he’s ready lol ;D

Already ran it by him!

I looked at the site, and I was just wondering, “Is the company in the US?”
Thank you in advance.(If I need to make a discussion for my question, then please let me know, then I will move it.)

P.S. If this is against any rules for somebody to answer, then please let me know, then I will delete my post.

Yes DTI is located in the US

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Thank you for your help.

Not a problem