seller question.

im sure this will bother some and to you folks i apologize.

i see some “business” type sellers on here and i was wondering in order to do that one have to become a forum sponsor? or can any joe yoyo accessory maker just start up a homebrew business and start selling here with free reign?

maybe consider these homebrew start ups to spend some money each month, quarter, or year to become forum sponsors (this would benefit the forum to make updates, maintenance, and other necessities easier to do and less out of pocket costs to YoYoE and its ownership).

then they could be active and offer the community something in the form of helping keep the forums running and less overhead for YoYoE and could also give the homebrew business a chance to get their name out more then just the random thread it might be a way to really help their sales and bottomline!

thanks for listening :slight_smile:

It’s been our practice to have the sellers contact Andre’ and workout the arrangements with him. I don’t know what the arrangements are that they agree to. I know in some cases their product ends up being listed in the store.

In any event, asking permission to list your product for sale on the forum is the polite thing to do. After all, YoYoExpert pays all the bills here.

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i agree with the bolded area that is why i asked, thanks for the answer and im glad that is how things roll :). André is a great guy and i am glad to support him and his work to keep the forums running and get great yoyo supplies :slight_smile:

just to clarify i am not thinking of selling something.