Censorship Question..

Ive noticed that if someone puts a certain yoyo company name down on the forums here, its gets swapped to “Some other yoyo shop” but I seem to see this going one with only this one shop while many many others get allowed to remain.

I find this confusing and makes me curious…

You guys have beef with them?

You can’t advertise another shop on a forum that is run by a yoyo shop using their own money to keep this forum running.

Have you read this: YoYoExpert Forum Rules

You cannot name other forums and store sites sponsored by other online yoyo stores. Forum sites run by manufacturers are ok. Independent forums that feature tutorials are generally ok. We discourage routing traffic to other general interest yoyo forums.

That one store/forum seems to get singled out is because it is brought up so often.

I totally get that, just curious about why that one seems to be singled out. Makes sense. Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile: