YYN gone mad!

As you know a lot of people make their own string, counterweights and other things for our sport.
Well the YYN has decided that if you make string and sell it through their forum then you must pay YYN for that service. They are even going as far as telling mods that we mush mod two yoyo’s a month for them. This is totally getting out of hand. I am going to try to build a site for people like you and I to sell their string and other things on without having to bother with that other forum. All I ask is if you guy’s would be interested in this. Don’t get me wrong. This won’t be a store of any kind. Just something similar to a wall of advertisement for the youth that are having fun making and selling their strings and other stuff. It will have to be yoyo related though.

That forum is calling these people HOME BREW.

Maybe the site will be something like that. If I do get this done I will then ask Andre if it will be ok to post on this forum. Please know that it will cost to build this site and donations will be accepted. If I get enough in donations I will not let anyone else give. I won’t do any of this for profit. It will cost nothing to join either. Let me know your thoughts.

Wow, just wow.
I’ve been a member of YYN for a while, and there’s a reason that I have more posts here, this is surely the better forum, especially with YYN CHARGING people to use their services, ridiculous.

The business part of me totally agrees with what they’re doing. People can turn a pretty decent profit by pushing their wares through the forum so I totally see where they are coming from. That would be like people selling their own coffee in a starbucks.

The yoyoer in me, however, totally disagrees. The forum was once a place to push yoyoing and help others and get help. Now, it seems as though it’s all business. The highest traffic I see is in the BST or posts about new yoyos and such and less about helping others.

Agreed. I only use YYN for they’re yoyo store, and the B/S/T section of the forum.
YYN making people pay them for selling strings on they’re forum is outragous. All the money YYN makes per year selling yoyos, plus they’re the biggest yoyo website out there (tied with Spingear), and they think they can just take peoples money for no good reason?

I don’t want anyone here to bash YYN I just want to know if you guy’s think you would use a site like I want to make. I will start deleting all the bashers. I’m not here trying to bring negativity. I’m trying to go to the positive side of this.

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Icthus, would you charge for the use of your site?

In all honesty, what’s the difference between making a whole new site – and just using the YYE forums?

Because there are tons of other forums out there. Not everyone uses this forum. I’m just trying to make a place for anyone from any forum to advertise on.

Another thing is not all the top modders are a part of YYE although I wish they were. Anyhow, these people may never be seen by certain groups of people. Making a global site would just make finding these home brew’s easier I guess. I would prefer that everyone use the YYE forums but that’s just not going to happen.

Another problem is, this site you make would need to get as big as the YYNforum to get the same amount of exposure. It’s like buying a commercial slot for 4AM on a crappy station instead of prime time on a big station.

It seems like it is an Optional new program for DIY-ers to have their products placed and promoted in both a dedicated YYN forum and the official YYN store.

Their products get noticed by customers buying from the YYN store and sample items randomly shipped with orders.

Just creating a another forum is something different, unnecessary and it won’t offer the same marketing/promotion through the YYN store, will it?

Unless it was actually stated that it would be a requirement for any person attempting to sell their product through the use of the YYN forum.

I was never a fan of YYN for many of my own reasons. With that said, I’d be down for a site like that Icthus.

Well I support anything that will further the community. In all honesty it would be more universal and easier to find what your looking for if you CAN get everyone to use the service. I mean 1 set for all the Modders, String and Customizers? Would not only make it infinitely easier to find someone’s service but easier to find work if you provide service. Instead of following the 4 or 5 main forum sites.

PM me your info Icthus and I will send you what I can.


I love the idea i’m in the “getting known” stage of string making and I don’t want to pay yyn to “get known” I love the idea of having a site where every one can go to buy mods, string, and counterweights.

Icthus u can make a weebly website that wont cost u any thing :wink:

Charging to sell on a Forum is ridiculous. If YYN is going to charge for selling, then shouldn’t the items be hosted in there store? If that were the case, then the exposure may be worth the fee. Just sayin’.

But as to your idea Icthus, I’d be glad to help in whatever way I can.

i’m not clear on… uh… what’s wrong with this.
what if i did a run of 30 yo-yo’s on my own and sold them through yyn’s forum @$100/ea? would that be cool, to circumvent yyn’s ability to make money on my product… despite the fact that i’m using their site? how about 300 yo-yo’s? hey andre would that be cool with you? for me to make 30k on yo-yo’s i made and not have to worry about profit margins or yye getting a slice? is it only a matter of volume that should dictate whether a reseller be paid to help companies (home-brew or otherwise) sell their wares?

imo, if you’re going to sell your manufactured products using yyn (or anyone’s) bandwidth/forum… you owe them a percentage or fee. same with the ‘wicked’ newspaper and their ‘dastardly’ classifieds, the ‘nefarious’ e-bay with their ‘draconian’ listings and insertion fees, etc. yyn’s continued operation of a free marketplace for trading/selling individual yo-yo’s is a service that’s too often taken for granted. yyn is a retail business, and once you make the transition from selling your old bassalope to selling items that you, yourself produce en masse, you’re subject to the normal rules of retail commerce.

people complain [a LOT, lately] about how yyn has become ‘all about the bottom line’, but that’s a product of where the community has driven them, at least in part. WE made yyn one of the biggest resellers, WE made them the most populous forum. WE (and our collective behavior) demanded that they enforce certain rules. i’d LOVE to see yye or your new site develop the kind of size that yyn has and NOT need to charge small companies to sell products on their forum. i don’t see it as realistic though, and i certainly don’t see yyn as ‘wicked’ for imposing a rule like this.

In addition to what Ed just stated, the YYN topic which covers this doesn’t state anything as far as “charging money” for small-time suppliers to sell their wares. Yes, asking a small yoyo-maker to provide a yoyo, or a string or accessory maker to provide some string or accessories is like a charge, but then YYN is turning around and including these as “samples” in their shipments, to help widen exposure for these small-time suppliers. YYN is supplying the yoyo, and shipping both ways, to modders to have them recessed or something (though as of this morning they said they’ll do some more investigating about what modding services would include). This really only seems like they’re wanting to help out the small guys, not control them. Where’s the wrong in that?

slightly embarrased I guess I should have read the topic before commenting, seems they’re doing pretty much what I said they should if they were going to do this.

It looks like the program is optional, am I reading that correct?

Well, if they are helping or not, either way, a site just for modders, string makers, ect would still be a great concept.

Sorry Ed. I have removed the wicked because it was totally not fair and not true. I was just in a mood because of child reasons and the WICKED pizza Hut! lol

I was primarily talking about the 14 year old kids that are making string and for those of us that mod for near no profit at all. it’s not like w make a lot of money from doing these things. I see no other forums even contemplating doing this. What makes YYN so special? I do see where they are coming from though. I have talked to sottle a lot on this and I see better now. I may even be a part of it. I still think a universal site just for these people to show off their stuff would be cool.

I am embarrassed by my premature ranting of that forum. I may delete this thread or I may just lock it for now. If you still think it’s a good idea for the site then just pm me.