Brain Scambler/ Twister Problems.

So I’ve been yoyoing for about 3 weeks and the brain scrambler was what my friend recommended for me to learn. Well, whenever I do it, I put my fingers close by, you know, the way you should. But after doing that, I use my fingers once and use the rest of the momentum with my forearm. I don’t quite know what the problem is. On a side note, why does my yoyo always jam after I bind? I used the generic string but my friend snagged me a pink blueprint and it always jams. Thanks

Try feeding a smaller loop into the gap. I had the same issues with binding when I first started and found that I was using too large of a loop.

the problem might be your moving your non throw hand down towards the yoyo as your doing the flip. just keep practising and you will get it.

When I do a brain scrambler, I slightly swing forward for momentum, then use my NTH to push the string, and kinda twirl my throw hand index finger to keep the yoyo spinning.