binding problems

hey i just starting throwing and i picked up a DM. i can bind when i have it responsive but as soon as i open up the gap a little my binds don’t work. i even try to double bind it but it just doesn’t catch. any suggestions? ???

Keep the gap closed, or use a bigger gap when you bind.

Fixed for you.

Also make sure that you pull the loop down hard, and pull your throwhand up when doing the bind. People are going to say that its not needed, but it is a good habit to form when you move on to a metal yoyo.

Practice your binding.

thanks ill definitely try it out and let ya know how it goes but how would using a bigger gap help my binding like samad suggested?

No, use a smaller gap. Use the tightest gap possible, but don’t overtighten. Use a bigger loop. As in when you’re in a trapeze or brain twister, make the string that you’re holding on to bigger.

When you open up the gap to allow for more layers and still want to bind, make sure you use a bigger loop AND pull the loop all the way down (almost 180 degrees)

One thing that helps me out a lot is keeping my non throw hand still with the loop and pulling my throw hand up and releasing my non throw hand at the last second. I never get knots. BTW this is the bind that doesn’t use the brain twister mount.

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