Question about a bind

So when I throw a trapeze and go into an under mount trapeze to bind, I either don’t pinch well enough or it’s knots up, I’m assuming cause I have to much slackcin there…it’s that what I’m doing wrong


Would it be possible for you to shoot a little video of yourself doing the bind in question? Try to get at least one shot of each: one where to bind slips and one where the bind knots up.


do the undermount with your middle finger, then try to bind. its like getting into a brain scrambler

then put your non yoyo hand slightly higher than your yoyo-hand (bigger loop).
pinch and move your throwhand up and non-throwhand down
try crossing the strings a bit.
if still no bind, life non-throwhand higher for bigger loop
or do movement faster


Yea that’s exactly how I go into it,I think I’m letting to much slackcin in and or not pinching, one or the other, I’ll shoot a video tonight or in the morning, thanks everyone!! I love this place!! Haha

As you let go of the string with your non throw hand, give it a good hard tug with your throw hand. This helps to pull the string through the yoyo and stops any loops/snags forming. It takes some time to gain the feel to get to where you can do that consistently but that’s the trick to it