Binding, please help!!!


Ok so i’m moving from intermediate tricks to advanced but whetever i try, i can’t seem to bind. I’m following tutorials and videos and doing it all the right way but the loop just flicks off and the yoyo won’t grap.
I’m using a YYj Legacy.
Any advice?


Try using a bigger loop.


Cheers Kim-Lan, getting the hang of it now.


Glad to be of assistance. ;D


When you bind you want to flick the loop behind the yo-yo. that should help quite a bit.


the faster the yoyo is moving the smaller the loop you want theslower the bigger the loop. I had the same trouble when i got my legacy just pull tighter before you let go of the loop ope i helped


Also when your in a trapeze you can swing the yoyo slightly to you the side of your non-throw-hand and than try to fling the loop in there. Should let it grab easier. The legacy is a hard yoyo to bind I had trouble it it my self. If that doesn’t work you can always do a double wrap bind. Just go completely around the yoyo and pop it up in the air that is how I learned. Later.

Keep it spinning™


um i think that i would have to see it but i have had quite a bit of trouble myself but i think that you might have to try pulling the loop a little bit more back