binding 101


I have just learned the bind from andre’s videos about a week and a half ago. My binds work fine from brain twister and if the yoyo is spinning fast enough they work fine from trapeze. For some reason after i do a trick and the yoyo looses speed it doesn’t want to bind up. I can bind it twice and it still never grabs. Any advice??? I use a legacy. Also, i have a duncan dragonfire and i can do inside loops pretty good but it seems to loose its responsiveness after about 2 or 3 loops. A little insight on that would help tremendously also. Thanks!


Use a bigger loop.

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yeah, what samad said. Use a bigger loop + make sure you’re pulling DOWN hard on the string while pulling hard up with your throwhand.

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if u dont wana bind doble the loop on the axil 8) but it doesent sleep as long :’(


Oh, also, you need to break in the silicone pads.

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