Bouncing Rabbit

This is my new trick, the Bouncing Rabbit:
Step 1: land in a Houdini Mount
Step 2: bounce the yoyo onto the string closest to you, then drop everything except your NTH
pointer, landing in a trapeze
Step 3: do an Eli Hop, then pop up again and cross your hands, like Kwyjibo.
Step 4: cross your hands back, going into a 1 1/2 mount
Step 5: drop the string on you TH that makes the loop that holds up the yoyo, so the yoyo looks
as if its in an unfinished Double or Nothing
Step 6: pop the yoyo up on the outside of your NTH and land it in a Double or Nothing, then
Bouncing Rabbit!

A bit hard to visual but I haven’t seen this before try making a quick video I’d love to see it.

You haven’t seen this before because I created it. :smiley:

I’m really confused about step two.

Popping it onto the string closest to you would pop it onto the string that goes from your TH middle finger to your NTH thumb? Do you then pop it off there and chop the string into a trapeze with your NTH index?

The rest of the trick is smooth, simple and looks good if you get it fast. Never really thought about putting them together this way.

I’ll try to make a tutorial to explain

I took it as pop it back then drop everything but your NTH pointer and it left you in a trapeze like described

When you pop it on the second step keep it around your nth pointer and land it on the string between your th middle finger and nth thumb.