Bought my cousins some Easter YoYo's

I don’t know why but I am so happy that I bought my two little cousins yoyo’s (and they already 20+ of mine). They really like when they get stuff in the mail and they live across the country from me so today I used the money from my 13th birthday to buy the 7 year old a Velocity and 6 Strings and the 5 year old a Throw Monkey and 6 strings! But I bought it a little early so it will be there like ten days before Easter.

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That’s a really fine thing to do.

Thats great I remember when I gave my twin cousins Duncan imperials (there both 4 almost 5) it was great just watching there faces light up!

Ah… cousins. I remeber I got my cousin into yoyoing, the first yoyo he wanted was a DNA… He had to settle for a kickside, lol.

haha… if i were to buy a yoyo for each of my cousins, well duncan butterflies would cost 27 dollars minimum… i have 9