Boston yoyo/skill toy club

Heyyy folks, I’m new to yoyo, about 3 months in. The community is great on line snd all but I long for in person meet ups and to make friends that wanna meet up and throw once or twice a month. I know there used to be a group that met up here but it’s been inactive for a while and I can’t even find the group on Facebook. The only northeast group is just spam trick circle posts from one guy. Does anyone know of a group around this area that meets up still?

If not let’s get one going? It doesn’t even have to just be yoyo it can be a meetup for adults that play with skill toys. We could do monthly giveaways to keep people coming. Trick contests. Learn from each other.

Anyways good for thought if you’re in or around Boston and need yoyo frans HMU!!!

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I’m in the Marlborough area once or twice month. I’d love to meet up. I’m petty new too. Only about 1.5 years in.

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That would be awesome! When is the next time you’ll be around? Do you have Instagram