Boss M30 String

Let’s start this by saying this is simply my impressions of using this string for a little over 2 hours. This does not represent long term condition, play-ability and so on. I may come back and add more later, once I believe I can more thoroughly talk about the long term qualities of these strings.

First impressions:
I took the string out of the package and received a nice note from Buddy Jim (person who makes them) explaining a bit about the strings and what to do if I have any issues. It’s always nice to know that the business is looking out for their customers. As I took the strings out a few things I liked were the extra string or yoyo holster each bundle comes with (which is wrapped around the top to keep the whole bundle together).

Let’s try them out:
The m30’s are extremely whippy! The first time using them I was startled by the sound of them flying through the air! It makes the strings so much more interesting with the awesome whippy sound they make. I was initially over-whipping all of my tricks. After taking some time to attempt to harness this great power, I was able to execute some binds that I did not think were possible before!

These strings are coarse. This can be a pro or con for different people, but for me, I like it.

One downside to me was the overall length. They are short. If you have ever used blueprint, they are relatively the same length. This is perfect if you like shorter string for your faster pace style!

Another down side would be though the thick string looks nice, it can snag a bit more than I would like it to. I feel though that once one gets used to the string, they would be able to better work with the binds to prevent a lot of the snagging (finding that correct string in the gap to not ratio).

A very picky downside would be the loose ends where the finger knot is tied. The loose ends makes the string look unfinished to me. Also, they can kind of get in the way if you don’t cut them off. Very minimal, but still a downside.

M30’s hold their tension pretty well, better than kitty nylon 1.5 (my other string I have been using lately).

After two hours most strings start to have wear and tear, little bits of fraying and such. These strings have shown no wear! I’m excited to see how long they will last :slight_smile:

Though I may have listed a few downsides, I feel that these will show to be very interesting strings. I have personally never used anything that feels, or plays like this before and would definitely recommend that you try them!