Born crucial milk...

I"m sort of thinking about it, it fits my preferences pretty well and I want to know how it plays. I want it to play light like a x-con( even though it is heavier than Dv888 my Dv888 feels heavier because of weight distribution) so I want to know if it plays light or it plays heavy.

It plays almost like a PGM. I really like it! IF you like the dv888 you should most likely get it.

now it is called the crucial milk
and the milk does feel lighter because of its size
if want it to even out I recommend milk 2%

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oh now I want it badly ;D it also has a awsome package ( drink fat free milk everyday) and now where can I get one… they seem to be all out of stock

bump, I also want to know what is their website adress


The only place you are going to find a Milk or a Milk 2% is in the B/S/T.

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The milk is discontinued for sometime now.
They have a newer version called the cream.

Yes, the only place you can get it is the B/S/T.

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but do they still sell the cream? Does it have light play?

bump, sorry I just want to know