WTB: Celtic/Raven 888, Strawberry-Kiwi Milk.


Hi there,

I am looking to buy the following yoyos:
-Celtic 888
-Raven 888
-Strawberry-Kiwi Milk (or any half pink milk; must be from the actual release and NOT CUSTOM DYED)

I have plenty of cash and some interesting trades. PM me to do business O0


i can get some srawberry milk


He means a Crucial Milk 2%, i think.


Do you mean the Crucial 2% Milk? The original Crucial Milk is discontinued and really hard to find, and probably nobody has one on this forum, so your best chance is a 2% Milk. I don’t have one though.

(Justin the JeeJaw) #5

tons of people have milk, but strawberry milk is rare I heard


I am referring to the Strawberry-Kiwi milk that was launched with the initial release of Milks. I am completely aware of how rare it is and as such am prepared to pay handsomely.

(system) #7