Got Milk?..........2%?...really dehydrated here and H20 intolerant

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Hey guys,
Anyone got a scoop on where I can find a Milk 2%?
I realize all the web stores that had them are sold out and I just today missed getting one from Yoyoz in the UK.
Would love to have this as a gift for my son!

BTW, any info on Born Crucial Milk, Milk 2% or Metal Milk would be appreciated.
With the Milk being a highly touted yoyo that will be “Staying in Production”, now a distant memory I’d be interested to know what’s happening.
I know that Paul had a bunch of Metal Milk yoyos at US NATS, but said they’d be sold to individuals before they ever hit the stores.



I think they are working on the flaws of the metal milk, or the white-out, i forget. Chances are, you can get them off the BST.

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forgive my ignorance…BST?


Buy, sell, and trade section at YYN Forum. It doesnt matter that you dont know. Thats what the forum’s are all about, we can learn things about yoyos here.

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Thanks, I appreciate the help!

…a VERY COOL thing about the yoyo community…


The WhiteOut is actually a yoyo that was designed and is planned to be produced by RecRev…I think you maybe talking about the “Cream”.

The Cream is still in proto stages BUT it is being worked on. The metal milk is also in production phases. As for the 2% im not sure if Pual plans to make more.


They are actually really hard to get off ot the BST. I have been trying for some time now, and no one has responded.

You might as well try though, it couldn’t hurt. Everyone loves their milk, and find them hard to give up.

Good luck!