Original or 2%

Which milk is better, the original or the 2% milk? I want to get one of the two but, I want the better one. ;D

I personally think that the origonal would be better, because it has the large bearing, and I personally prefer the larger bearings. Though I do not know exactly which one would be better.



You have probably already seen this, but all the differences are shown.

i am wondering the same thing what do you thimk is better i am a small bearing fan so maybe 2%

I think the 2% was made for the fixing of the vibe though

Does the original milk come in a milk carton too?

Yeah. both of them do.

But i think it will take awhile to get them back in stock for both of them on YYN :frowning: :’(

I do not even think that they will ever have them back in stock. You can probably buy one off of the yoyonation forums though.

Are you sure? :cry: Man, I really wanted one. Does anyone know where to get one that is BRAND NEW?

No, sorry, you will just need to get it off of the BST. They won’t be in stock, because they are too hard to make, because they are so inconsistent in making them cause of the Delrin.

I’ll just wait until the Basselope comes out(If it is good) or if I want a yoyo like a DM,hitman,X-convict, or legacy or another cool yoyo. Thats too bad that their out of milk lol.

Which one is smoother?