milk or milk 2%?

I need to know! I did a trade on YYN and the guy scammed me. Finally he sent me the yoyo after something that is sort of private so don’t ask. He said the yoyo was a mint milk. It came today and it is not mint. It has scratches. I don’t care about that because he gave me a konkave bearing. It has a small gap. Milks have big gaps right? Oh, I got a haircut too!

I like the Milk 2% better. It is sort of an updated version on the regular Milk.

Nice haircut, but it could be shorter ;D

Are you asking which one we like better?

If it has a small gap, then it’s probably a Milk 2%. 2%'s have a Duncan sized bearing, which are smaller and narrower than Size “C” bearings. It’s all personal preference on which one you like better. I like small bearings better.

There are also other differences between the Milk and the Milk 2%. The weight distribution was slightly changed on the 2%, making it have more rim weight, and heavier by 2 grams. Also, the SPR kits are different. The 2%'s SPR kit is smaller, and lighter for even less center weight.

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Looks like a Milk 2%, but they look the same.

If its small bearing, its a Milk 2% if it is large, its a Milk.

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