Sour milk


So I have a question about the milk. Will there ever be anymore? Or were they limited edition yoyos?

(JonasK) #2

I don’t think that Born Crucial will make more Milks. They are, however, coming out with the Cream.

Addment that is no+yes=both of them


Yea they stopped making milks, I got my milk 2% via BST.


Also, note that there will be several versions of the cream :wink:


Does anyone know when the cream wiil come out. Also will it cost 50 like the milks? I can’t seem to find very much info on it.

(yokaiyo) #6

Yeah, it is sad that they are not making them any more but I managed to get my hands on one in the BST for my Dads birthday. (P.S. So I could play with it. Muhahahahahahahahahahaha). Not realy, my Dad wanted another yoyo.

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