Why was the Milk discontinued

Does anybody know why the Milk yo-yo was discontinued?

It past it’s expiration date. ;D

Its not, Paul is releasing a third batch this year. The demand is just greater than the supply

Oh, on YoYoNation it says the Milk is discontinued.

Strawberry Kiwi…?

It’s either all that… Or Mr. Yath knew that too much of something amazing is bad for your health.

Milks are great. I just want a Cream…

laughed my pants off

Opposite for me.

Creams are amazingly cool. I just want a Milk too because I’m greedy :stuck_out_tongue:

I would’ve traded you my minty milk for your Cream.


I sent you a PM a day or two ago…

the cream is ok and the heavy cream will be done completely on worlds
and the milk is discontinue
the new milk has a "H"shape hehe

i dont know

I can see you are new so, just to let you know, please don’t make useless posts like that. Also, try to type properly. Thanks. I hope you enjoy your time on this forum. :smiley:

Nice one. I rofled at this.

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