Why do these get discontinued?

You can post yoyos here that you have questions why did they got discontinued.

Mine are Walter and aquaris.

New innovation. There’s still a select few who love Model T’s, doesn’t mean they should be made.


Well the Walter never really got ‘discontinued’, it was just a very limited one-time run of 100 yoyos.

As for the Aquaris, the yoyo wiki states that the main reason for it’s departure was manufacturing issues, but at the end of the day a lot of companies just discontinue yoyos when they get too old. It’s part of the yoyo life cycle, it’s only really Onedrop nowadays that are happy to keep producing OG-run yoyos in modern times. :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, there are plenty of great 4A choices in stores at the moment, so I don’t really think it left that big of a hole in the market…

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Edited the post a bit.

But people are still willing to pay 200 $ near for a Walter why was it a such a small run and even when they know the popularity of it why don’t they make new ones?

In the words of Spencer Berry himself:

It was just a personal project for him. Granted, whilst CLYW helped with the design and Onedrop did the machining, it was still Spencer’s pet project that were sold off his website, not a full run from a firmly established company.

I don’t doubt that with the response it got, had it been a Onedrop or CLYW project, they may have made further runs. However Spencer is just a yoyoer, not a manufacturer, so I can only assume that he simply has no desire to spend more of his time or money making any more. :slight_smile:

i wonder why the yomega panther was discontinued…

Ever played one!!?? ::slight_smile:


Keep in mind that sometimes they want collector value to remain for those that own them so they choose not to make more

Why don’t company makes responsive metals?

Response metals have a limited market compared to unresponsive. Look at the flying V. It took a while for it to sell, along with the starfire. The responsive market comes in waves so there is never really a consistent want for responsive metals.

By the way my favorite discontinued yoyo is the yoyojam big Kahuna I feel like I am the only person who ever thought this yoyo was great.

Because everyone wants unresponsive, and it’s easy enough to make an unresponsive yoyo more responsive.

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