Boingy Boing tips?

I’ve got a problem with the boingy boing motion. Whenever I do it(or at least try to), the yo-yo swings side to side instead of back and forth. And tips?

I know you have probably heard this, but practice. With a trick where it is all about rhythm, such as boingy boing, you just need to get the “feel” of the trick. Oh, you can try starting out slow. ;D

I had this problem. Focus on the up and down motion. And… practice.

Keep the strings aligned, keep the rhythm, keep practicing.

As Pheenix said, keep the strings aligned. To help start it, have it almost straight up and down but not quite, maybe like 85 degrees. Start there and then keep your throwhand only going up and down with your nonthrowhand not moving. Also just make sure to practice.

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Off topic: pheenix is back! And gratz on 1000 posts! :smiley:

You just need to get the feel of it. :wink:

if u wanna practice an easier way do some atomic bombs(Barrel Rolls) and then do boingy boing it will be easier because there is not gonna be a lot place for the yoyo to go side to side

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Anyways, keep the strings alinged, get the up and down motin right, and it comes natturally then. Good luck! :slight_smile:

It wad 1000 a hour ago

Thanks a lot for all the tips! I’m starting to get the hang of it. So far I can do only a few small boings here and there, but all the tips really helped. Thanks!

Hey guys. I didn’t want to necro this thread, but I wanted to say “Thanks!” to everyone that helped.

I finally got boingy boing down. ;D Check it out!

I still have to practice getting into it, but everything else is alright.

Glad you got it! :wink: