Boingy Boing help

Hi, I’m working on learning boingy boing. My yoyo likes to jump out from between string, only after a couple of boings. Any tips/advice on keeping the yoyo between the string while boinging?

keep the strings as close to on the same plane as possible, be really careful to keep your hand only moving straight up and down. practice, practice, and more practice.

boingy boing is easy to learn, hard to master.


Make sure your hands are square to each other and perfectly vertical. When you first start learning this trick you need to keep less slack in the strings between your hands. You’ll have to move a little faster but the less slack there is the less chance there is for the yoyoe to direct itself out of plane. Also, start the trick off a pretty strong throw down. Spinning items, Giyroscopically speaking, have a tendency to not want to change course as easily as slower spinning objects. So if you baby the throw down and don’t have much juice on it , the lower RPMs are not gonna do anything to help what you’re trying to accomplish. Watch the video above at least two or three times. Try the trick several more times……Stop, and watch the video again.


Aside from what the others have said, I’d say this is more of a feel trick that eventually just clicks out of nowhere if you keep practicing it a bit every day. I wouldn’t get too hung up if you can’t get it down right away though and work on other stuff as well.