Boing-e-boing tilting yoyo problem

I kinda got the trick, but not really consistently, and the most common problem for me is when I get in the setup, start the motion, but the yoyo starts boinging on a different plane, not straight forward, but at an angle.

I suppose it’s the string, not my movements, but don’t know what else besides practice would fix it…

where do you put the string knot on your middle finger, when doing this trick, cause mine is at the base of the finger?

thank :slight_smile:

anyone with recommendations and advice for tricks like the suicide or the tether are welcome, that’s what I’m struggling with now,

What yoyo are you using for the trick?

Make sure that your index fingers on both hands are parallel to each other when looking down. Then, you can rotate the angle of the top hand/finger to manipulate the plane of the yo-yo. I also find that tilting it back towards yourself helps the yo-yo hit that back string hard and strong. That will create more momentum as you pop it into the front string and perhaps keep the yo-yo in-plane.

I hope that helps.

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magic yoyo n12, non-stock 10 ball evo concave, unresponsive, if that’s what you mean.

tx for the details, but one last thing - where should I tie the string loop on my th middle finger?
Where do you put it?

You need to make a slipknot for your finger. not just a regular knot.
I can make a POV video for you on knot tying and slipknot tying. as well as I SLow Mo POV Bongy Boing. Only if you want to this is, so let me know okay. I’m always here, glad to help.

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:smiley: um, since I know most tricks up to advanced I second halve, I obviously knew how to tie the knot around my finger, tx for pointing tho. I’d love to see a POV boing-e-boing video, so whenever you have time to spare.

What I meant by ‘‘knot placement’’ is whether I should keep the knot at the base of my finger or between my first and second finger knuckle - seems to affect string centering, but I’m not sure whether it’s worth it, cause it feels the most comfortable at the finger base, at the price of efficiency.

I’m with this guy. Remember when you were learning trapeze, and you had to keep your hands on the same imaginary line? You have to do that with every trick, but especially on tricks where the yoyo moves back and forth

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Hope this POV helps you out. As well as helps me out. Because As you can see, mine tilts a bit and goes off course after some time… So maybe we can both get help from having everyone watch my video. Well here It is…

You can also watch AngryGumballs video, he does a very smooth boingy boing.

Hopefully You and I will get some good feedback on how to keep it straight, and not tilt.

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I had this problem for a short bit. turned out it was my timing and strength. it was all wrong. too soo or too late and it would tilt but when i relaxed and stopped “trying” so hard, it came smooth and natural. Soft and slow, but it looks fast.

Also try watching your top hand that is bouncing. make sure it going straight up and down and your now swaying forward and back with it.

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