Stupid Boingy boing

Yeah another boingy boing thread. I tried older threads but they didn’t answer my question.

I had boingy boing(up to 38), moved on to other tricks came back and lost it. Now I kinda have it again but the yoyo keeps slowly turning to the left(I’m left handed if that matters). One video suggested the string isn’t straight up and down, seems pretty straight to me. Help?

Sometimes when this happens your fingers aren’t lined up so that all the string is in the same plane. Move your top hand towards your body, move your bottom hand out from your body, so that the string formation is tilted back towards you. You will be able to better see what is happening. Once you have it figured out it’s just a matter of working your way back to vertical. Oh I almost forgot, extra points if you say “boing, boing, boing,” on each boing loud enough that someone tells you to stop. ::slight_smile:

lol…thanks I’ll try that.