Boing-E-Boing Secret?!?!

Okay…so the Boing-E-Boing…I was trying it to the beat of Weekend by Skrillex ft. Sirha… I did it flawless every time the song came on. Coincidence? I think not! Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Thanks pplz,


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this. Are you saying you were only able to do boingy boing while listening to weekend? or that you could successfully sync it to the beat of the song?

I think he is saying that song had the same beat as him doing boingy boing, making it easier for him to keep the trick in rhythm.

I must try this. I still can’t do a perfect boingy boing.

I can do it flawless anyways! :smiley: Anyone see the 4A champion? he had boing e boing beat!

I learned boingy boingy in 1 hour. Yet I still cannot do spirit bomb. I did kwijibo in 3, but still can’t even comprehend gyroscopic flop. Ugh it’s weird.

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Amen. I can’t do a Rewind, but boing-e-boing was one of the tricks I learned easiest. Iron Whip is proving difficult, but I can Jade Whip consistently (supposedly the harder trick).

Tricks is weird. We all have different affinities for different ones!

i can rewind, coldfusion, buhdahs revenge,1-1/2 suicide into suicide,to double matrix, skinn the girble to green triangle without paying attention( it’s a combo) and i can boingy-boing sideways… i still cant do the forward version. and i cant do mondial either.
it realy gets me made sometimes…yoyo(yolo) ::slight_smile: