Tricks Weakness...

what kind of tricks that is your “weakness” or hard to learn?
i mean you always or your weakness is whips, slack, lacerations. like that etc.

lacerations…especially the hook… :smiley:

tell me what’s yours ? :slight_smile:

Boingy Boing. Bane of my existence
YoYoing for 13 years and I still can’t get it to smooth out.

Whips. Boomerangs. Hour Glass. Spirit bomb and Superman.

As good and as fast a learner with any other style tricks I can’t do boingy boing for the life of me.

boing-e-boing, boomerang, spirit bomb, bucket hops…

Me neither…

A lot of tech tricks that require special movements…but I got ahold of boingy boing a couple months ago :smiley:

Cross-arm pops like in Spirit bomb :wink:

boingy boing,kwijibo,etc

Same here. >:(

Except for the “13 years” part ;D

slack tricks i can never get them rite

boingy boing, and WRIST WHIPS, holy crap i miss it by a mile every time and whatz ironic is that i used to be able to land both every time!

I have trouble with making my original tricks long, they always end up around only 8-10 seconds.

spirit bomb…ugh

Spirit Bomb and until recently Slack Trapeze. I finally got this last one.

I have a hard time with all whip tricks. I guess I’m not fast enough. :’(

I’ve only been working on boingy boing for 1 week…I got a bad feeling about this trick

me neither.
when i imaginary boingy-boing im so good…
but when i play it…