Boing-E-Boing help!!

ok so when ever i try to do the up and down motion with my finger to make it bounce back and forth it goes side to side? ??? anyway i would like to get some tips to fix this please.


Boingy-Boing is just one of those tricks that need practice.

It’s awesome that you are doing the up and down motion early on, since any else can be difficult to correct.

But to help a little with getting the yo-yo to go back and forth, try using the momentum from when you flip the split-bottom mount to the mach-5 looking thing to get the yo-yo to shoot forward. That way a direction is et and the yo-yo is moving the way you want.

Keep going, you’ll definitely get it!
Hope this helps!

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This is how i would practice. I would put my finger under the string and just pop my finger back and forth to get that motion. It’s kind of hard to explain but you throw a break away put your finger UNDER the string and bob back and forth and that is how i practiced. When i got it going back and forth it started to go the other way and i found out my hands were crooked. It might be that your hands are crooked.

~Steven :wink:

Boing E Boing is a hard one to learn for most people. don’t get frustrated it’ll come with practice.  start with a slight up and down motion and keep the rythm. from there you can slighlty exaggurate the motion to make the boings bigger. another thing that helps a lot is oding some barrel rolls/atomic bombs.  this makes the string shorter and easier to control for the boing e’s
try these topics. lots of great hints:,7864.msg90544/topicseen.html#msg90544,7895.msg87871/topicseen.html#msg87871,6643.msg75383/topicseen.html#msg75383,7338.msg82211/topicseen.html#msg82211

I worte this thread after my breakthrough from practicing 7 months on this trick. I was having the exact same problem as you were, and i couldn’t really find anyone else who had any advice that really solved my problem. Try the method in my post, hopefully it’ll help you like it helped me