Boing E Boing Breakthrough!

Hey guys. You may have seen on here that I had been struggling with Boing E Boing, but just within the past couple days I discovered a new method that has got me busting out Boingies like a pro. Maybe this could be helpful to anyone else struggling with this trick.

When you go into the split bottom mount and you bring the string over, instead of keeping your throwhand in the “gun” shape, extend all of your fingers (or at least your middle and index finger) so that you have one flat finger surface. This should line up the string tied to your middle finger and the one coming over your index. Continue with the up-and-down (NEVER side-to-side) motion, an you might surprise yourself at how quickly you’ll get it.

Give it a try! Hope this helps!

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thank ill try boing e boings are hard to me

WOAH! thanks, man! That really does help!